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Helping victims take action after suffering harm in an accident

While the holiday season is a time of happiness and cheer, it is also a time of year where accidents are rather abundant. In Alabama and states across the nation, the roads experience more traffic because individuals and families travel for gatherings and parties. Public places are busier with residents shopping for gifts and partaking in festive activities. And consumer goods are purchased and gifted at a high rate, causing the chances to encounter a defective product to be much higher.

Suffering harm at the hands of a negligent party is a shocking event, and it could be an event that significantly alters the life of a victim. At Gibbs & Sellers, P.C., our attorneys are sensitive to the matter, understanding that many accident victims go through much pain and suffering when involved in an automobile accident, are involved in a slip-and-fall incident, or are harmed by a defective product.

No matter the cause of one’s injuries, our law firm will take the time to explore cause and liability. Proving fault means evidencing certain elements, such as the negligent party having a legal duty towards the injured party. Whether it was a speeding motorist, a property owner who failed to address a known hazard, or a manufacturer that failed to correct a defect in a product, our attorneys not only help our clients prove fault but also help them assess the losses suffered so that, hopefully, an appropriate amount of compensation can be recovered.

Suffering harm because the negligence of another is the last thing on a person’s mind. However, negligent motorists, property owners, and manufacturers sadly do exist and could be the cause of significant harm. Thus, it is imperative to note what rights and options one has, especially when it comes to filing a personal injury action, as this can help with the recovery of compensation. To learn more, check out our law firm’s personal injury website.

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