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Suffering an injury in a motor vehicle accident or in a work-related accident can disrupt every aspect of your life. Medical bills can mount quickly, lost time from work can devastate the household budget and suffering through the pain is never easy. With so much strife surrounding the accident, it can be frustrating to find out that the insurance company is not looking out for your best interests.

Based in Demopolis, Gibbs & Sellers, PC, is an established local law firm that is dedicated to helping accident victims get the fair treatment they deserve. We fight to maximize compensation for our clients, and we are here to help you.

We are an all-purpose injury firm. Our experience covers all forms of injury claims and lawsuits, including:

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To get fair compensation, it is important to retain an experienced accident lawyer immediately. Negotiating alone or waiting until the insurance company makes an offer can be frustrating and costly. Inexperience and guessing about the value of your case can result in the loss of valuable rights and thousands of dollars.

The loss of quality of life and the financial instability that come with a personal injury can be devastating. The personal injury victim or family member of someone who was killed in a wrongful death situation can be victimized a second time if they are left at the mercy of the insurance companies and corporations that typically are involved in personal injury cases.

At Gibbs & Sellers, PC, we take responsibility for effective, aggressive investigation and representation, allowing the injured person to attend to health, family and economic issues, while pursuing a variety of legal means to obtain the best possible result. We assist clients in receiving the maximum possible compensation for their injuries, lost wages and other damages in every case we handle.

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