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  • People with serious injuries don’t always look hurt at first

    Sometimes, a serious injury is impossible to ignore. Someone has a broken limb that they cannot use or another immediately visible injury. The injured party and anyone near them may recognize that they need emergency medical care. Other times, an injury is subtler and easy to overlook. People can incur potentially catastrophic injuries without realizing it at first. Even after their diagnosis, the people in their lives may fail to recognize the true impact their injuries may have on their daily lives. So-called invisible injuries may take time to develop or may not present obvious symptoms immediately after someone gets hurt. What kinds of injuries do people overlook? Invisible injuries are typically internal injuries. For example, someone might have a stable fracture. They may have broken a bone in their arm, but the fractured sections of bone remained aligned. It may only be when they exert themselves or suffer a secondary trauma that the affected body part becomes so painful that they cannot use it. Brain injuries are also invisible, internal injuries. People may not realize that they are at risk of a brain injury and could overlook early symptoms. In some cases, they may not have any early symptoms until the injury worsens. The same is sometimes true of internal bleeding in the abdomen are torso. It may only be when the bleeding continues for several days that someone notices the signs of their injuries and seeks proper medical care. Not only do certain injuries take a while to present symptoms, but the body’s response to the trauma of a car crash could cover up the signs of their injuries. Therefore, those involved in major collisions might benefit from seeking proper medical evaluation shortly after the crash occurs. They also need to prepare themselves for the possibility that family members, employers or the other party at fault for the incident may not give their condition the respect it deserves. A quick diagnosis not only improves someone’s prognosis but may also make it easier for them to get compensation later and to convince others of the long-term impact of an injury they cannot see. As such, understanding that sometimes serious injuries aren’t easy to spot may help people better handle the aftermath of a motor vehicle collision.

  • Steps to take if you have fallen at work

    Falls occurring on the job are among the most frequent Alabama workplace accidents. While the severity of these injuries varies greatly, every employee who has been in one should take specific steps as soon as possible after the mishap to ensure you get your rightful workers’ compensation benefits. Essential tasks you must do One thing you should never skip when you have suffered an injury at work is to get a thorough medical exam. Getting prompt medical attention is essential for your workers’ compensation claim, as it helps prove you sustain injuries on the job and not elsewhere. Some injuries resulting from falls, such as concussions and broken bones, require immediate attention. Quick medical attention also sets the stage for getting the right follow-up care, even before the insurer approves your claim. Another essential step involves reporting the injury to your employer as soon as possible to make it clear that the accident happened on the job. Also, follow up to ensure that the company files a report with its workers’ compensation insurance provider and obtain a copy for your files. In addition, you should also take the following steps: Gather contacts relevant to your care and keep them handy Give your doctor details about how you suffered the injury Follow all medical advice Keep copies of work-related medical advice Send all medical bills to your employer Seek additional medical care if you don’t receive proper attention Getting the compensation you deserve Workers’ compensation is often tricky, as you must follow stringent requirements to achieve a successful claim. Many employers and their insurance carriers try to deny compensation by claiming you caused the accident or your injuries did not result from a work-related incident. An initial denial doesn’t mean you’ll pay for your work-related injuries. Proper and thorough documentation of your slip-and-fall accident and the subsequent injuries can help prove your claim. Documentation is also essential if you are temporarily or permanently disabled. Remember, you have a right to pursue adequate medical treatment whenever you have been injured on the job.

  • Addressing Machinery Maintenance Safety Concerns

    Manufacturing plants and mills in Alabama are full of people working hard to make a decent living. Unfortunately, dealing with heavy machinery opens up the possibility of accidents and life-altering injuries. Even routine maintenance on factory floors can become hazardous without adequate precautions. The electrical dangers of mill maintenance Any machine that runs on electricity presents a potential hazard. Regular maintenance often involves getting close to the moving parts of a device. If someone activates the machine while it is receiving care, the resulting workplace injuries can be tragic, and workers’ compensation will be awarded to help with the recovery process. Electrocution is a critical concern when working with energized assets. Even though the machine may be powered down, unintentional contact may release stored energy from ungrounded components. In the worst case, this hazardous energy erupts in a highly dangerous arc flash. Some of the workers’ compensation claims associated with electrical releases include: Second and third-degree burns Eye damage Nerve damage Cardiac arrest Fall injuries after a shock Preventing electrical hazards during machinery maintenance The first step in preventing injuries during machine maintenance is developing an electrical safety plan. This policy will list safety protocols employees must follow when servicing machinery. By creating a safety checklist, the mill can prevent unexpected electricity releases. Wearing adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) is another safety step. Maintenance crews should rate every machine for its potential danger and ensure the facility provides appropriate gear. Robust lockout/tagout (LOTO) policies are essential to employee safety. LOTO devices restrain switches and breakers in the off position, preventing workers from unintentionally energizing machines while under service. However, employees must use them consistently throughout the facility to promote safety. Keeping employees safe through training Policies and procedures will only be effective if employees receive appropriate training. Facilities must offer regular safety training sessions as part of onboarding and continuing education efforts. Education and awareness are the primary tools for promoting a safe work environment.

  • Eligibility requirements for Alabama social security disability

    Qualified Alabama residents unable to work because of a physical or mental condition can possibly receive social security disability insurance (SSDI) benefits. However, the SSDI approval rate is low. According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), 63 percent of SSDI applications are denied. Anyone applying for these benefits has to meet all of the requirements. Do you qualify for SSDI? The SSA is strict about Social Security disability requirements. You will not receive SSDI if you fail to meet the requirements. First, you’ll need to have worked jobs covered by social security. Second, you’ll need a mental or physical condition that is considered a disability by the SSA. Work requirement You need social security work credits to qualify for SSDI. For example, if you apply for SSDI before the age of 24, you’ll need six work credits earned in a 3-year period before your disability. Another example is if you apply for SSDI when you’re at least 31 years old or older, you’ll need 20 work credits in the 10 years prior to your disability. Work credits depend on your yearly wages or self-employed income. You can earn up to 4 credits in a year, but the income you must earn to get a credit will change yearly. Disability requirement The SSA only pays for total disability. If you’re partially disabled or have a short-term disability, the SSA will deny your SSDI request. The SSA will review your disability and decide if it falls within the SSA definition of disability. Your disability must make it impossible for you to work or find gainful employment. The disability must also make it impossible for you to do work you’ve previously done. It must also make it impossible to learn a new skill because your disability prevents it. Another requirement is that you must have had the disability for at least one year. If you haven’t had the disability for a year, you must expect to have it for at least a year or result in death. If you meet the SSA work credits and disability requirements, you are possibly eligible for SSDI. You can apply online or visit your local SSA office.

  • How to know if you have a personal injury case

    If you have incurred an injury in Alabama for which you’re not at fault or there’s some question as to who is at fault, you may have grounds for setting up a personal injury case. There are some things you must do to significantly increase your chances of success that will also enable you to determine if you have a personal injury case. Take swift action after you are injured After you have an injury, you’ll need to act quickly. There is a statute of limitations in many instances that will affect the actions you can take, such as whether you can make a claim to have another party held responsible and have a chance to receive compensation. This is different in each state, and the personal injury statute of limitations is two years in Alabama. Gather your evidence There are some details about your injury that you won’t be able to provide on your own. This is why you need to have documentation and provide it to the experts who will handle your case. These experts can look through medical reports, communications between you and the other parties involved, and anything else to explain your injuries. Thorough document can shed light on what damages have occurred and who is responsible for what happened. Strong evidence will enable the experts to determine whether you have a personal injury case, hence the critical importance of good documentation. Cases can take time No matter how clear it is that you have a case, it takes time to develop the case and work out the details, and this includes working out a settlement or bringing the case to court if it’s more complicated. You’ll need to be prepared to be patient and fight for the long haul. Personal injury cases are a difficult matter. You will benefit from having a competent professional with a background in personal injury on your side. This will prevent much of the hassle of going through this long process only to discover the case has fallen apart.

  • Understanding negligence in a personal injury case

    You may be entitled to compensation or other forms of relief if you are hurt while traveling on an Alabama highway, eating at a restaurant or playing basketball at the park. However, this is generally only true if you can prove that another party was negligent in causing you to break a bone, sustain a concussion or experience an internal bleed. The elements of negligence Typically, you’ll need to show that the defendant breached a duty of care in the moments prior to the event that led to your injuries. This generally means that the defendant knew or should have known that an action was unsafe even if there was no intent to hurt you. For instance, this may be the case if the defendant was drunk when causing an accident that resulted in bodily injury. Furthermore, you must be able to show that you incurred financial losses that were the direct result of a defendant’s negligent behavior. Negligence may be shared It’s possible that you will be found at least partially responsible for a car accident or slip-and-fall incident that is the impetus for a personal injury lawsuit. Under Alabama law, you may be barred from collecting compensation in such a scenario as the state uses a contributory negligence system. For example, you may not be entitled to any damages for a car wreck if you followed too closely or ran a red light prior to impact. You might be liable for a slip-and-fall if you failed to heed a wet floor sign or were distracted in the seconds prior to falling. Distractions may include listening to music, looking at your phone or taking other steps that make it unnecessarily difficult or impossible to maintain your duty of care to yourself. Typically, a personal injury case is decided based on the strength of the evidence provided during settlement talks or at trial. You may be able to use witness statements, video footage or photos of the accident site to show that the defendant was responsible for medical bills or other expenses related to your accident.

  • What you can expect if you are injured in a big-box store

    Millions of people in Alabama and around the country visit big-box retailers like Walmart, Costco and Target every day, so it is not surprising that slip-and-fall accidents are not uncommon in these stores. Large retailers have teams of lawyers that are tasked with handling slip-and-fall claims, but they are not always easy to deal with. This is because these attorneys know that slip-and-fall plaintiffs sometimes find it difficult to convince juries that they were not acting negligently themselves when they were injured. Reasonable care Big-box retailers are expected to do all that they reasonably can to protect shoppers from dangerous conditions that they either know about or should know about, and shoppers are expected to pay due care and attention at all times. When a customer slips and is injured, companies like Walmart often claim that they ignored warning signs or did not look where they were walking. They can also introduce footage recorded by security cameras in premises liability lawsuits to support these arguments. Some retailers even have nurses or doctors on hand to assess injuries before customers are transported to hospital. $16.4 million verdict This all means that big-box companies are more likely to fight slip-and-fall claims in court than smaller retailers, but taking that path does not always work out well for them. In April 2016, a Nevada woman was awarded $16.4 million in compensatory damages in a case she filed against Lowe’s. The woman fell on a concrete floor and suffered a permanent head injury because water had seeped from a row of potted palm trees. The jury concluded that Lowe’s acted negligently and should have addressed the danger even though security footage showed that a warning cone had been placed in the vicinity. An expensive mistake Big-box retailers deal with a lot of slip-and-fall claims, so they know how to fight them. If you are injured in a store like Walmart or Target, you can expect to be accused of negligence by lawyers who have litigated dozens or even hundreds of these cases. However, that does not mean you should be deterred. When retailers choose to take slip-and-fall cases to court, it can be a very expensive mistake. This is because juries tend to come down hard on defendants with deep pockets in cases where the plaintiffs have suffered serious injuries.

  • Bedsores and Detecting Nursing Home Neglect

    Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, are skin lesions that can occur when a person is confined to a bed or wheelchair for an extended period of time. Bedsores are a common problem in Alabama nursing homes, where residents may be unable to move or take care of themselves properly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 2.5 million people in the United States develop bedsores each year. This issue can be especially painful for elderly care home residents as it compounds other health problems they may already be facing. Causes of bedsores Bedsores are caused by a combination of factors, including poor hygiene, poor nutrition, and lack of movement. Poor hygiene can lead to skin irritation and infection, which can increase the risk of bedsores. Poor nutrition can also increase the risk of bedsores, as it can lead to weakened skin and decreased healing ability. Finally, lack of movement can lead to decreased circulation, which can increase the risk of bedsores. Effects of bedsores The effects of bedsores can be serious. Bedsores can cause pain and discomfort for the patient, as well as increased risk of infection and sepsis. Additionally, bedsores can lead to increased medical costs and longer hospital stays. Prevention of bedsores There are several ways to prevent bedsores. Proper hygiene is essential, as it can help to reduce the risk of skin irritation and infection. Proper nutrition is also important, as it can help to strengthen the skin and improve healing ability. Finally, regular movement is vital, as it can help to increase circulation and reduce the risk of bedsores. Signs of nursing home neglect to look for Apart from bedsores, other signs of neglect to look for include malnutrition, dehydration, and other medical issues. Residents may also display signs of emotional distress, such as withdrawal from activities they used to enjoy or changes in behavior. Furthermore, a lack of cleanliness, inadequate staffing and a lack of attention to medical needs can accompany bedsores in a nursing home patient. It is critical to be aware of these signs and to take steps to ensure that your loved ones are receiving the care they need. Bedsores and nursing home neglect Bedsores are a common problem in nursing homes, caused by a combination of factors such as poor hygiene, poor nutrition, and lack of movement. Nursing home neglect is a serious issue that can have devastating consequences for elderly residents. Physical, emotional, and financial abuse, as well as neglect of basic needs such as food, water and hygiene, can accompany bedsores and victims should receive care immediately. Being aware of the signs of neglect can help family and other visitors catch substandard treatment before it affects the resident. When visiting care home residents, always be on the lookout for these tell-tale signs.

  • Facts about construction site fatalities and wrongful death in Alabama

    Construction jobs are often considered one of the most dangerous occupations in Alabama because of the moving parts, equipment, height requirements and close quarters. If you’re a construction worker, you likely understand how construction accidents can potentially cause serious injuries or even death. How do construction site fatalities occur? One of the most common ways construction site fatalities occur is due to “struck by” accidents. These accidents involve a worker getting hit by an object, usually from a height or propelled by a machine. Worker electrocution is another cause of casualties, especially if the worker operates machinery when the electricity comes into contact with them. Falls are another leading cause of construction site fatalities. Workers fall from roofs, scaffolds or ladders and sustain severe injuries. Even a fall from a relatively short height can be catastrophic. Finally, construction workers can also die from asphyxiation if exposed to toxic fumes or become trapped in a collapse. Wrongful death lawsuits In some cases, the family of a construction worker who dies on the job may decide to file a wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death lawsuit is a civil action that a surviving family member can file against someone who has caused the death of another person through negligence or recklessness. It involves the deceased person’s family seeking damages from the responsible party. If you’ve lost a loved one in a construction accident, you may wonder if you have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit. The consequences of a construction site fatality can be far-reaching and include an impact on the victim’s family and loved ones, who must cope with the tragedy of losing a loved one. But there’s also the financial impact on the family. A construction worker who dies on the job leaves behind dependents who may now be struggling to make ends meet. That’s why taking the necessary steps to protect your rights and pursue any legal action that may be available is crucial.

  • How parents can keep teen drivers safe

    Teen drivers are likelier to be involved in accidents while traveling in Alabama or any other state. This is largely because they lack the experience needed to stay calm during periods of low visibility or when they are driving on unfamiliar roads. Younger drivers are also more likely to drive while impaired, distracted or fatigued. However, parents can take steps to help their teenagers stay safe while behind the wheel. Emphasize the dangers of impaired and distracted driving Ideally, your teen will not be allowed to transport passengers with him or her to work, school or other destinations. Furthermore, your son or daughter should install apps on his or her cell phone that prevent it from sending or receiving calls or texts while a car is in motion. You should also emphasize the potential penalties of driving while impaired, such as jail time, a fine and an inability to drive until reaching age 21. Model good behavior If you want your teen driver to take you seriously, you have to set a good example. Young people generally don’t listen to authority figures who tell them to do something that they, themselves, aren’t willing to do. Therefore, if you want your child to obey the speed limit, you must do so yourself. Additionally, you should refrain from using your cell phone or driving while under the influence of any drugs or alcohol. There should be consequences for bad behavior You should be willing to revoke your teen’s driving privileges if he or she drives after consuming alcohol or with a friend in the car. Although your teen may not appreciate your strict rules, it may be the only way to prevent a serious motor vehicle accident from occurring. If you are hurt in a motor vehicle crash caused by a negligent driver, you may be able to receive compensation. This money may help you pay for the treatment of broken bones, internal bleeding or other injuries caused by the defendant’s reckless actions.

  • Some summertime driving hazards

    Summer is a time when more people in Alabama are out driving from one destination to another. While there are many fun things to look forward to, there are also dangers lurking. These are some of the most common summertime driving hazards. Tire blowouts A common cause of car accidents during the summer is a tire blowout. This could happen when the temperatures soar and the road becomes overly hot. When tires travel over the pavement when the temperature is high, it could wear them out faster and cause them to explode. This not only leads to tire debris littering the road but also leaves the vehicle compromised due to the damage. More motorcycles and bicycles Summer means more people are out riding motorcycles and bicycles. It increases the risk of an accident occurring if drivers aren’t extra alert or if those riders don’t adhere to the rules of the road. Always be aware of your vehicle’s blind spots and give motorcycles extra room if they’re ahead of you. Give bicycles plenty of space as well. Be aware when opening your door to prevent a dooring accident. More animals During the summer, more animals are out and about. Be especially careful during dawn and dusk, when they’re more likely to forage. Take note of animal crossing signs and always use your headlights at night. If you see eyes reflected in your headlights, it’s most likely an animal trying to cross the road. More road construction With nice weather in the summer, it’s normal for road construction to happen more often. You might run into a traffic jam or delay as a result. It’s important to slow down and yield to roadside workers. Be careful whenever traveling through a work zone and be aware of roadblocks. Adverse weather Rain might occur during the summer and make the roads dangerous. Cars can hydroplane if their tires can’t maintain proper traction with the road especially when there are deep puddles. Ensuring that your vehicle is equipped to travel in storms can reduce the risk of an accident. Be smart and careful while driving this summer. It could save lives.

  • The legal implications of a truck accident versus a car accident

    Being involved in a truck accident can be devastating for any Alabama resident. There are a lot of differences between truck accidents and car accidents, and it may be a good idea to consult a lawyer if you have questions about what to do next. Truck accidents are much different than car accidents There are many legal considerations that come into play when you’re involved in an accident involving a truck. Liability isn’t always clear. The liable party might include the truck driver, the trucking company, a manufacturer or someone else. Trucking is heavily regulated The trucking industry is heavily regulated by state and federal governments. As a layperson, you are probably not familiar with all of those regulations. A lawyer will know what to look into and what questions to ask to determine the factors involved in your truck accident case. They may investigate the accident If necessary, your lawyer may investigate the accident as well as any matters that led up to it. For example, many trucking accidents occur as a result of driver negligence, but there are other cases where an accident occurs for reasons beyond their control such as poor road conditions. Handling insurance companies Insurance policies covering trucking companies are much different from those covering individual drivers of passenger vehicles. It could be tricky for an injured person to maneuver when dealing with such insurance. Attorneys, on the other hand, generally have more experience handling all types of insurance companies and policies. You may have serious injuries Truck accidents can result in catastrophic injuries that require extensive medical treatment. You may be unable to do many things that most people take for granted if your injuries are severe, and hiring a lawyer could alleviate some of the stress of dealing with your case. Injuries stemming from truck accidents can be life-changing. You may be able to hold the at-fault party accountable for your damages.

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