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Alabama car accident statistics reveal grim details

The state of Alabama has routinely been one of the highest states for vehicle crashes in the country. In 2017, there was nearly 157,000 vehicle crashes around the state. To break that down, there was a traffic crash reported every 200 seconds. Furthermore, a person was injured in a car accident every 11 minutes somewhere in Alabama that year. If these numbers do not concern you yet, then just know that in your lifetime as an Alabama resident, you have a greater than one-in-three chance of being involved in a car accident that results in an injury or death. When it comes to a national perspective, as a resident of Alabama, you are twice as likely to be killed in a car accident than the average American.

The fatality rate due to car accidents in Alabama has been increasing the last few years. Back in 2012, there were 870 car accident fatalities, that number jumped to 1,089 in 2016. That is an increase of over 25 percent.

Most common causes of car accidents in Alabama

  1. Not yielding the right of way

  2. Following to close

  3. Mis-judging allowable stopping distance

  4. Incorrect or improper lane change or lane use

  5. Not seeing the other vehicle, person or object

  6. Swerving out of the way of a vehicle or object

  7. Driving with excessive speed

  8. Not properly following the traffic signals or posted signs

  9. Driving while under the influence

  10. The vehicle left the roadway

When it comes to types of crashes Alabama residents are experiencing, the most common is the collision of one moving vehicle colliding with another. This accounted for over 70 percent of the crashes. The highest amount of crashes happens between the hours of 3pm and 6pm with Saturdays being the day that has the most crashes. When it comes to gender, men are three times more likely to be in a car accident than a woman.

By pointing out the high number of automobile accidents in Alabama, you can get a better understanding of just how dangerous our roads can be. If you are involved in an accident, you should speak to a knowledgeable attorney who can work with you to get the proper settlement you are entitled to.

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