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The trucking industry serves an important purpose in Alabama. However, the pressures of the industry and the focus of big businesses often create substantial hazards for motorists and pedestrians. Truck accidents are not always the driver’s fault, but related to big business pressures to produce more profits. In other situations, the trucking company will seek to protect a negligent driver to avoid their own liability. Drivers are often tired, overworked, improperly trained or placed in rigs that have not been properly maintained.

When driver fatigue, safety violations or any other form of driver or trucking company negligence leads to a truck accident, the injuries to others can be severe. Catastrophic injury, including traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury, or injuries that result in wrongful death are far too common in an accident involving a vehicle that can weigh 80,000 pounds.

The Experience And Resources To Get Results

At Gibbs & Sellers, PC, in Demopolis, our experienced lawyers often team up with experts to investigate the accident. Accident reconstructionists may be necessary to provide evidence of what went wrong. We evaluate every detail, the logbooks, the trucking company policies and the accident scene to prepare and present a solid case with the goal of maximizing compensation for our neighbors who have lost a loved one.

We build relationships with our clients, standing strong in court, but also standing by to offer guidance and support throughout such a difficult time. Our attorneys build a strong case to build leverage in negotiations. If the case needs to go to trial to obtain a just result, we are fully prepared and have the courtroom experience to fight for your family.

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We offer free consultations to understand your circumstances and explain your options. To speak with a caring lawyer, call 334-641-0341, or contact us online. We represent clients in Marengo, Perry, Hale, Wilcox, Dallas, Sumter, Greene, and Clarke counties. There is no fee unless we win compensation through verdict or settlement.