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Consumer Fraud

Most of the cases in this section involve wrongful conduct of insurance and finance companies including fraud and bad faith. We are also a national leader in the fight against mandatory binding arbitration in consumer contracts

We have represented policyholders throughout this country who have purchased life insurance from major insurance companies. Most of these claims are based on the fraudulent representation that premiums would vanish and the policies would be “paid up” at some point, usually eight to ten years after the purchase date. These “vanishing premium” cases are a prime example of “boardroom fraud” designed to mislead consumers for financial gain.

We continue to handle cases wherein insurance companies have wrongfully charged African American consumers higher premiums based solely on race. We are also currently handling cases involving insurance companies selling consumers worthless health insurance policies while they are on Medicaid or selling senior citizens “bait and switch” healthcare policies. We handle cases involving the fraudulent pricing of insurance products, i.e., “death spiral” pricing which ultimately results in consumers being left without health insurance coverage. We continue to litigate predatory lending cases. These involve cases against finance companies for insurance packaging (packing on unnecessary insurance to loans), flipping (forced refinancing), and equity stripping financing.

We recently have filed a number of cases on behalf of employees of have improperly been denied rightful payment of overtime benefits at their job. These FLSA cases are filed as “collective actions” and one effect “opt in” class actions.

  • Bad Faith Litigation
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Predatory Lending
  • Race Based Premium Claims