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Reasons workers' compensation claims may be denied

Workers' compensation benefits can be critical to supporting an Alabama worker while they are recovering from a work-related injury. Every year thousands of people are injured while performing the duties of their jobs and performing services for their employers. But, when these often preventable accidents happen, workers can be left unable to earn their wages or support their families. Nonetheless, workers' compensation helps them stay financially healthy while their bodies are on the mend.

What is the workers' compensation filing process?

Most residents in Alabama and elsewhere maintain a full-time job in order to pay for life expenses. Thus, when an individual is unable to work, this can create major financial hardships. One reason for this inability to work could be a workplace accident. Suffering an injury in the work environment could result in a worker requiring medical treatment and time off of work to recover. In order to address the growing medical bills and lost wages suffered, an injured worker could seek workers' compensation benefits.

What should I know before my disability hearing?

Preparing for a disability hearing is important because a lot can be on the line but it is also helpful for the disabled applicant not to worry about it which is why it is useful to know what to anticipate. A disability hearing may be the first step in the application process or may follow a denied review of the disabled individual's application depending on the state they are in. Knowing how to handle the disability hearing is valuable information for the applicant for disability benefits to have.

Getting the most out of Social Security Disability benefits

Social Security Disability benefits are important benefits for many disabled individuals and their families. The Department of Health and Human Services reports that one in four Americans report suffering from a disability. Disabled individuals who suffer from a physical or mental impairment and previously worked, may qualify for Social Security Disability benefits.

Different options can help injured workers

There are different types of protections that may be available to injured workers to help them through a difficult time when they have suffered a workplace injury. It is valuable for injured workers and their families to be familiar with these options so they can determine which is best for their situation and circumstances.

What is Social Security disability's definition of disability?

Living with a disability is a reality that impacts millions of Americans. Living with a disability inhibits the ability of a disabled individual to earn a living or enjoy a good quality of life. Social Security disability benefits are an option that can help disabled individuals with their daily needs so disabled individuals and their families should ensure they have all their questions answered about how disability is defined according to the Social Security disability (SSD) program.

What do I do when a disability benefits claim is denied?

There are important resources available to disabled individuals if their claim for Social Security disability (SSD) benefits has been denied. Many Social Security disability claims are initially denied so disabled individuals should understand the appeals process and options they have available to them when they need to appeal a denial of the benefits they need.

Keeping workers safe and protected

Workers generally have the right to a safe workplace and when that has been compromised, different protections are available to help protect them. Both federal and state laws require employers to provide their employees with a safe workplace and a safe working environment and it is important that workers are familiar with their protections and rights in the workplace.


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