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Some summertime driving hazards

On Behalf of | Jul 18, 2022 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Summer is a time when more people in Alabama are out driving from one destination to another. While there are many fun things to look forward to, there are also dangers lurking. These are some of the most common summertime driving hazards.

Tire blowouts

A common cause of car accidents during the summer is a tire blowout. This could happen when the temperatures soar and the road becomes overly hot. When tires travel over the pavement when the temperature is high, it could wear them out faster and cause them to explode. This not only leads to tire debris littering the road but also leaves the vehicle compromised due to the damage.

More motorcycles and bicycles

Summer means more people are out riding motorcycles and bicycles. It increases the risk of an accident occurring if drivers aren’t extra alert or if those riders don’t adhere to the rules of the road. Always be aware of your vehicle’s blind spots and give motorcycles extra room if they’re ahead of you. Give bicycles plenty of space as well. Be aware when opening your door to prevent a dooring accident.

More animals

During the summer, more animals are out and about. Be especially careful during dawn and dusk, when they’re more likely to forage. Take note of animal crossing signs and always use your headlights at night. If you see eyes reflected in your headlights, it’s most likely an animal trying to cross the road.

More road construction

With nice weather in the summer, it’s normal for road construction to happen more often. You might run into a traffic jam or delay as a result. It’s important to slow down and yield to roadside workers. Be careful whenever traveling through a work zone and be aware of roadblocks.

Adverse weather

Rain might occur during the summer and make the roads dangerous. Cars can hydroplane if their tires can’t maintain proper traction with the road especially when there are deep puddles. Ensuring that your vehicle is equipped to travel in storms can reduce the risk of an accident.

Be smart and careful while driving this summer. It could save lives.