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What are the signs of distracted driving?

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2021 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury

Distracted driving might not seem as egregious as other negligent actions like driving while drunk, but such behavior behind the wheel could lead to a fatal collision. A concerning aspect of distracted driving is that so many people, even typically safe drivers, could suffer from distractions and cause an accident. Drivers who want to stay safe will find value in being on the lookout for distracted drivers on Alabama roads.

Keeping an eye on the possibly distracted

Several reasons exist why a car might start to drift out of a lane. Not paying attention to the road ranks among them, and lane-drift alerts might not be enough to snap a driver’s attention back.

A driver might give off signs that his or her attention is elsewhere. When someone’s head faces any direction other than the road in front, that could mean trouble. If a driver turns to face a passenger and engages in a conversation, that distraction could lead to an accident.

Another driver’s posture might be a warning sign too. Someone who is slightly bent forward could be playing with a multimedia touchscreen. The driver even be reaching with one hand underneath the seat to adjust it or look for something. Remaining in full control of a vehicle may prove difficult when doing such things.

Distractions aren’t acceptable

A motor vehicle accident doesn’t require a dramatic distraction to occur. Some actions may seem more acceptable because they are commonplace, but that doesn’t make them safe. Many people drink coffee or eat fast food while driving, putting themselves and others at risk.

Distracted driving reflects negligence, so anyone hurt by a distracted driver could discuss their legal options with an attorney. The attorney may prepare a civil suit on their client’s behalf.