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Woman says she suffered personal injury while visiting spouse

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2020 | Personal Injury

For business and property owners in the state of Alabama, the best ways to prevent accidents and injuries to visitors involve ensuring that property is maintained, and walkways are clear and free of hazards. Examples of hazardous conditions are things like poor lighting, wet or slick floors, and foreign objects left in walkways. Accidents can happen when least expected, but hazards like this are literally accidents waiting to happen. Property and business owners can be held liable when negligence and hazardous conditions cause personal injury.

In another state, a lawsuit was filed after a woman allegedly tripped and fell in a hospital while visiting her husband. According to the lawsuit, the woman was with her husband in his hospital room. As she walked across the room, she encountered a tangled cord that was sticking out from underneath his bed. Allegedly, the woman tripped over the cord and fell, suffering injuries.

The woman claims she suffered a broken hip and other permanent injuries due to her fall. She filed a lawsuit, accusing the hospital owners of negligence due to allowing the dangerous condition to exist. She seeks monetary damages and a trial by jury. 

No person expects to suffer injuries while shopping, dining or visiting loved ones in the hospital. However, this is exactly what happens to thousands of people every year. Those in Alabama who suffer personal injury as a result of negligence can take legal action by consulting an attorney and filing a claim in civil court. A successful lawsuit can provide victims and families with financial relief to help them cover medical expenses and replace lost wages.