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Victims can take action when negligence causes personal injury

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | Personal Injury

In the state of Alabama, stringent regulations and safety codes were established to protect those who visit public properties and establishments. These regulations say that publicly used facilities and structures must be adequately maintained and free of potential hazards. Unfortunately, some property owners will ignore these rules and regulations. Those who suffer personal injury as the result of negligence have the option to take legal action.

A man in another state filed a lawsuit against a landlord after he allegedly fell and suffered injuries. Apparently, the man was renting a home from the defendant and was walking toward the home when he encountered a step covered in moss. The man claimed that he lost his footing as he stepped on the moss and when he reached for the handrail, the rail bent and caused him to fall.

Allegedly, the man fractured his ankle when he fell. The plaintiff accused the landlord of negligence over claims that a support beam on the step railing was removed and never replaced, and this constituted a safety code violation. The plaintiff seeks a trial by jury, monetary damages and all just relief.

In Alabama, property owners are required to provide accommodations that will not threaten the safety of customers or visitors. Public properties must be inspected regularly to identify potential hazards. When a lawful visitor suffers personal injury due to dangerous conditions that were preventable, he or she can take action by consulting a legal representative. A successful lawsuit may result in financial relief to help victims recover from the pain, suffering and humiliation associated with these types of accidents.