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Deficient warning labels can lead to injury

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2020 | Personal Injury

Any product available for purchase at an Alabama retail outlet may come with a long list of instructions, warnings and safety information. Often these inclusions offer important guidance on how to safely and effectively use the products and what to do if they malfunction. For many consumers, a cursory read of these documents is all that they give before tossing them into their recycling bins.

Product warnings are an important part of the goods that millions of individuals buy each year. Whether a product is bought in person or through an online transaction, it will likely arrive with information that consumers need to protect their health and well-being. That is because many products can pose dangers to individuals, if they are improperly assembled, used or modified.

A product that lacks adequate warnings about its potential dangers or hazards to consumers may expose its manufacturer, developer and retailers to product liability claims. Consumers are not experts on the goods that they buy and may not be capable of inferring potential dangers from highly engineered or sophisticated goods. Without a warning, a consumer may engage in a use of a product that could leave them or others with serious personal injuries.

Product liability claims can arise from deficient warnings, defectively designed products and flaws in product manufacturing. When these serious issues occur they can leave victims with life-altering injuries and significant financial damages. No product liability victim should have to face their legal and financial troubles on their own as they recover from physical injuries.