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Personal injury: Woman says she was injured while shopping

Every year, thousands of people in Alabama and across the country suffer injuries as a result of hazards and dangerous conditions in stores, restaurants and other public establishments. These businesses are required by law to provide a safe environment for all customers and lawful visitors. Unfortunately, basic duties such as cleaning and maintenance are often overlooked by employees and owners. This often sets up hazardous conditions capable of causing personal injury to others.

Deficient warning labels can lead to injury

Any product available for purchase at an Alabama retail outlet may come with a long list of instructions, warnings and safety information. Often these inclusions offer important guidance on how to safely and effectively use the products and what to do if they malfunction. For many consumers, a cursory read of these documents is all that they give before tossing them into their recycling bins.

Anything that diverts a driver's attention is distracted driving

When a person is behind the wheel of a vehicle, his or her only concern should be on driving attentively and arriving at the destination safely. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, often because of distracted driving. While there are many things that can take an Alabama driver's attention, cell phones are the main culprits.

Reasons workers' compensation claims may be denied

Workers' compensation benefits can be critical to supporting an Alabama worker while they are recovering from a work-related injury. Every year thousands of people are injured while performing the duties of their jobs and performing services for their employers. But, when these often preventable accidents happen, workers can be left unable to earn their wages or support their families. Nonetheless, workers' compensation helps them stay financially healthy while their bodies are on the mend.

Are medical errors still a growing concern?

Individuals in Alabama and elsewhere seek medical care because they trust the expertise that a medical professional offers. However, these professionals are human, and they are subject to human errors much like anyone else. While mistakes could occur because they are simply not preventable and minor, others are due to negligence and could have a major impact on the lives of those impacted by a medical error.

Helping you take action after falling victim to consumer fraud

Financial transactions are a major part in the lives of individuals in Alabama and elsewhere. Being a consumer is commonplace, whether it is at a store or on-line, and dealing with consumer debt is unfortunately also fairly common. Thus, those overwhelmed by consumer debt seek different avenues to address or eliminate their consumer debt. Because many want to avoid the bankruptcy process, some fall victim to debt elimination fraud.


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