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What is the workers’ compensation filing process?

Most residents in Alabama and elsewhere maintain a full-time job in order to pay for life expenses. Thus, when an individual is unable to work, this can create major financial hardships. One reason for this inability to work could be a workplace accident. Suffering an injury in the work environment could result in a worker requiring medical treatment and time off of work to recover. In order to address the growing medical bills and lost wages suffered, an injured worker could seek workers’ compensation benefits.

What is the workers’ compensation filing process in Alabama? In order to obtain these benefits in the state of Alabama, an injured employee must meet four conditions. First, an employee must work for an employer whose business is covered by the law of the state. Next, the injury suffered by the employee must have resulted from an accident. This is defined as being unexpected or unforeseen.

Third, the accident must have arose from or occurred in the course on the employee’s employment. In other words, there must be a relationship between the accident and the injured employee’s employment. Finally, there must have been proper notice of the accident and injury in question to the employer. The law requires that the injured employee give notice to their employer within 5 days of the injury and 90 days from the date of the accident.

Applying for workers’ compensation is a common practice following a workplace accident; however, it is not always an easy and straightforward process. Thus, it is imperative that injured workers take the time to fully explore their rights and options when it comes to workers’ compensation benefits. Whether one is dealing with issues in the filing process or were denied benefits, it is important to understand what steps could be taken to secure these necessary benefits.