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What is Social Security disability's definition of disability?

Living with a disability is a reality that impacts millions of Americans. Living with a disability inhibits the ability of a disabled individual to earn a living or enjoy a good quality of life. Social Security disability benefits are an option that can help disabled individuals with their daily needs so disabled individuals and their families should ensure they have all their questions answered about how disability is defined according to the Social Security disability (SSD) program.

Making a Social Security disability claim for benefits can take a lot of energy and effort. That is why understanding how you can be eligible for Social Security disability benefits when needed is valuable information to have. Social Security disability benefits can help disabled individuals and their families but there are certain eligibility requirements that must be met. The Social Security Administration's definition of disability is that the disabled individual suffers from a debilitating medical condition that prevents them from engaging in gainful employment.

Because Social Security disability benefits are not for temporary disability or partial disability, the disabled individual must suffer from a medical condition that prevents them from working and is expected to last 12 months or longer or result in death. Additionally, to be eligible for SSD benefits, the disabled individual must meet work history requirements. In addition to the initial application process, those receiving SSD benefits should be aware that they will be reviewed for continuing eligibility to determine if they continue to suffer from a qualifying disability.

Social Security disability benefits are a vital resource to help many disabled individuals and their families get through. Because of this, it is essential for them to understand how to qualify and what the definition of disability they must meet is.

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