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Different options can help injured workers

There are different types of protections that may be available to injured workers to help them through a difficult time when they have suffered a workplace injury. It is valuable for injured workers and their families to be familiar with these options so they can determine which is best for their situation and circumstances.

Workers’ compensation benefits are one option that can help with the injured worker’s medical expenses, lost wages and other concerns as well. Workers’ compensation benefits are a no-fault system which means that, with limited exceptions, the worker will be covered by workers’ compensation benefits if they are injured on the job. Employers and insurance companies can make it difficult, however, for injured workers to claim their benefits at times which is why injured workers and their families should understand their workers’ compensation rights and how to apply for benefits.

Social Security disability (SSD) benefits are another option for disabled individuals to consider. Social Security disability benefits are different from workers’ compensation benefits because they are intended for long-term disability rather than a short time period. To qualify for Social Security disability benefits, the injured worker must suffer from a medical condition that qualifies them as disabled because they are unable to work due to it and the medical condition they suffer from must be expected to last for 12 months or longer.

In addition, workers’ compensation benefits are available for work-related injuries, while Social Security disability benefits are available for a disabling injury or illness that was not suffered on-the-job. The process of applying for Social Security disability benefits is complicated, and many claims are denied, so it is valuable to be prepared for the application process. Injured workers should be familiar with the application process for workers’ compensation and SSD benefits and trained guidance can help them determine which option is best for them so they can obtain the benefits they need.