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Knowledge of the workers’ compensation process is important

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Workers' Comp And SSDI Claims

Workers’ compensation benefits are an essential protection for injured workers. As a result, it is also essential for workers to be familiar with the workers’ compensation process which is a no-fault process that protects injured workers.

It is initially important for injured workers to seek the medical care and treatment they need following a workplace accident or injury. In some circumstances, the injured worker is required to seek medical care and treatment from a specific medical care provider so it is important for them to know when they need to do that. Additionally, injured workers must notify their employer of workplace injury they suffered and need to do so in writing.

After the injured worker has notified their employer, they will need to fill out a claim form and they will also need to keep records of their medical care and treatment and will also need to provide that information. Injured workers should be able to obtain the claim form from their employer. Information that will likely be required on the claim form includes the type of injury and the part of the worker’s body impacted; the date, time and location of the injury; who was involved in the workplace accident; how the workplace accident occurred; and the medical care and treatment the worker has received.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help with medical expenses, lost wages and other concerns injured workers and their families likely have after an unexpected workplace injury. It is important that injured workers are familiar with the workers’ compensation protections available to them and how to receive them when needed.