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Personal injury protections for soft tissue sufferers

by | Apr 18, 2019 | Personal Injury

Victims of car accidents can suffer a variety of injuries that can negatively impact them physically, financially or emotionally. Because driving is a commonplace and everyday occurrence, unfortunately, car accidents and car accident injuries are not uncommon and can have a lasting effect on victims and their families.

Soft tissue injuries include better known injuries such as whiplash injuries, as well as other types of soft tissue injuries including sprains, strains and contusions. Soft tissue injuries impact what are considered soft areas of the body such as ligaments, tendons and muscles. Sprains refer to when a ligament is damaged or a joint is overextended; strains include the overuse of a muscle or tendon; and contusions refer to bruising.

Victims suffering soft tissue injuries may not know the full extent of their injuries until much after walking away from car accident. Symptoms of a soft tissue injury can include stiffness of the neck and sharp neck pain; back problems; and cognitive challenges including those associated with the ability to remember and concentrate. The severity of these injuries can worsen over time and, in addition, can be difficult to treat. They can keep the victim away from work and at the doctor’s office.

Personal injury legal protections protect victims of car accidents and those suffering from soft tissue injuries and provide legal resources and remedies for them to recover compensation for their damages. A personal injury claim for damages can help car accident victims with the medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering they experience as a result of the soft tissue injuries they have suffered.