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What happens if a medical device is defective?

When a medical device is defective, it can cause significant harm to victims and their families, which is why they should be familiar with what happens and what they can do when they have been harmed by a medical device. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for recalling defective medical devices.

What is included in nursing home abuse and help for victims

Abuse and neglect in a nursing home setting is a serious concern for families who have entrusted the care of their loved one to a nursing home or long-term care facility. The only way for residents and their families to protect themselves is to be familiar with what nursing home abuse is and the legal resources and protections available when a loved one has been harmed in a nursing home.

Qualifying for disability benefits with compassionate allowances

This blog recently discussed eligibility for Social Security disability insurance or SSDI benefits. To better understand these benefits, it is helpful to be familiar with different ways disabled individuals may qualify. Disabled individuals may have heard that they can qualify for benefits based on a list of compassionate allowances and may have concerns about what that is.

What is identity theft?

As online activity becomes increasingly common, fraud and theft can increase as well, unfortunately. Because of this, it is important to know how to stay safe online, which begins by understanding what identity theft is and what it refers to.


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