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Adjusting to driving again after a horrific crash

Car crashes can serve as highly traumatic experiences for the driver if they survive. Even a simple rear-end dent can be scary to someone, so those who have their vehicles and their bones broken from the incident may be hesitant to drive again following the accident once they are physically able to.

Alabama has a reputation for having some of the worst drivers in the nation. If you have been lucky enough to avoid getting in a major accident so far, do not expect it to fully last on these roads. Once you the doctor determines you are OK to go behind the wheel again, you must transition to the vehicle slowly and steadily. If it feels too overwhelming to put your foot on the gas pedal again, you can take these following steps to help you adjust to the experience:

Go small distances

You may still be exhausted recovering from your injuries, so it is best not to be on the road for too long to avoid falling asleep in the driver’s seat. Additionally, there is a good chance you might be driving a different car after your last ride got completely totaled. You need some time to adjust to how this new vehicle feels, as different aspects such as the seat, speed, button locations and steering functionality may feel off to you.

Go with someone in your car

Geico recommends drivers to have a friend or family member with them during their first couple of driving sessions. A friend can minimize some of the stress of the experience and offer to take over if the feeling gets to be too much. If you are borrowing someone else’s car while yours is in the repair shop, it might not be a bad idea to have the owner of that car with you to point out the different functions of the car.

Go take your normal routes

Geico also notes that avoiding the initial crash site is counterproductive. If the crash site is part of your commute to work, you are only procrastinating in the recovery process. Driving by that specific area on whatever Alabama highway traumatized you will soon become second nature the more you go on it and treat the route the way it was before the accident.

Before you begin recovering on the road, you must recover financially. A local car accident lawyer can help you seek compensation from the person who recklessly hit you and was responsible for all of your physical and mental damage.