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September 2018 Archives

What to watch out for on logging trucks

The truck and timber industry are highly active during the autumn in Alabama. Many workers are trying to get as much trees transported as they can so they do not have to deal with the colder weather slowing down their progress.

FDA finds second cancer causing ingredient in Valsartan

In our prior post in August 2018, we told you about a recall by the US Food and Drug Administration on the prescription blood pressure medicine, Valsartan. The drug has been under a voluntary recall since July 2018. It is manufactured by many different companies, and thus far has been determined to be safely consumed from others. However, the FDA has now released information claiming to have found a second known cancer causing ingredient in three lots manufactured by Torrent Pharmaceuticals.

Alarming 2018 consumer fraud statistics

The rate at which Alabama consumer fraud is increasing year-by-year is staggering. In a study, it was discovered that fraudsters are becoming much more technologically advanced, with the vast majority of crimes taking place online. These hackers are often untraceable, and may be located anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, many are never identified and brought to justice.

It's almost flu season in Alabama again

Flu vaccines have been a great source of controversy across the nation for many years. For many, they present the classic "Catch-22." In other words, if you get one, you run the risk of adverse reactions. If you opt out of getting one, you will likely become infected with the flu virus.


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