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Tips for identifying nursing home neglect

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2018 | Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing home abuse happens across Alabama, with neglect being one of the most common forms. But, it is also one of the most unrecognized. There is a wide variety of information that can be found online detailing ways to identify these crimes. Many state and non-profit organizations offer resources to better educate the public on how to identify and report nursing home issues.

Here, we are going to identify some things to watch out for that could help identify nursing home neglect. First, if one notices that most of the residents at a nursing home, or even just a friend or loved one, are always exhibiting poor hygiene, this should be a red flag. Sometimes nursing homes can be understaffed, leading to neglect of simple tasks such as changing resident’s bedding, brushing teeth, or bathing. Second, if the facility seems unsanitary, this is another red flag. Examples of this may be trays with old food sitting around, stains on blankets or furniture, or dirty bathroom areas. These are signs that should be brought to attention and addressed immediately, as they can cause infectious diseases to spread.

Finally, any unexplained change can be reason to ask questions. Do they look malnourished? Do they seem to be going downhill fast and unable to move around as well? Do they seem to be having psychological issues that cannot otherwise be explained? All of these questions are cause to suspect neglect. If one suspects something is not right, always do an investigating.

An attorney can offer guidance in ways to legally collect permissible evidence of neglect. It is important that as much evidence as possible be preserved, and that clear documentation is kept. We deserve peace of mind in knowing that our loved one is well taken care of when we cannot be with them.