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An SSDI claim denial does not mean an end to your options

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2018 | Workers' Comp And SSDI Claims

Suffering a catastrophic injury – the pain, suffering and long recovery – is difficult enough. For some, such injuries can cause lasting damage, so much so that a return to work may not be possible. When this is the case, many people turn to social security disability insurance to provide much needed financial support as a way of addressing the financial ramifications of the loss of work-based income.

Unfortunately, in some cases an initial application for SSDI benefits will be denied. This can happen for a number of reasons. For example, questions about whether medical advice was properly followed could cloud the application and lead to a denial. In addition, incorrectly or incompletely filling out necessary application forms can be cause for a denial. Because the government wants to ensure those receiving these benefits meet their guidelines, reviewers will be strict on the process and can be harsh in review.

An initial denial, as shocking as it may be, is not the end of the road. However, it may indicate the need to work with an experienced attorney. Understanding the full process, and why an application may have been denied, is crucial to putting together a successful appeal.

Attorneys such as those at Gibbs and Sellers understand the complex process and how to present the strongest case possible for benefits. By reviewing the initial application and reasons for denial, it may be possible to correct deficiencies or right the record so that benefits can be obtained. To learn more, visit our Social Security Disability page.