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Truckers express concern towards other drivers

by | Jul 7, 2018 | Uncategorized

Safety should remain top priority for any vehicle on the road. Whether you are steering a car or motorcycle, all drivers have a responsibility to approach the road carefully to avoid potential accidents and fatalities.

The roads can be especially dangerous for truckers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the accidents with the most fatal occupational injuries and fatalities in Alabama were transportation incidents. Truck drivers made up the majority of transportation industry fatalities.

However, many truck accidents are not the truck driver’s fault. Recently, commercial truck informational source Fleet Owner compiled responses from a systems provider consisting of various concerns from truck drivers about the passenger cars they share the road with. Here are some actions that the industry considers a threat:

Cutting it close

The most prominent concern is for cars who cut off trucks and give them minimal braking room. Since trucks do not brake as easily as cars and need a large distance to stop, forcing them to do it quickly and with substantial pressure could spell disaster for the truck driver, the truck’s contents and anyone behind.

Truckers also encourage passenger drivers to use their blinkers whenever they change lanes. Failing to do so can throw the truck driver off when the passenger driver wants to pull in front of the truck. This holds especially true for drivers that take too long to pass a truck and sneak up in the truck driver’s blind spot.


While passing the truck quickly is important, many passenger drivers do not respect the truck driver’s space. Since trucks drive slower than passenger cars, some drivers face temptation to speed up and pass the truck immediately.

Unfortunately, many do not take their surroundings into consideration. As trucks cover long lengths of the road, inconsiderate drivers do not think about other vehicles the truck is driving behind. When it comes to larger and slower trucks, truck drivers recommend that other vehicles either slow down or switch to another lane.

Fatigue and distracted driving

The amount of distracted driving accidents has steadily increased over the years and show no signs of stopping. Anyone who occupies themselves with a cell phone, eating, or applying make-up puts anyone on the road at risk.

Fatigue has been a common concern for drivers who travel long distances. They recommend that drowsy drivers pull into a safe spot to get some rest or wake themselves up.

What to take away

Fleet Owner also uses driving behavior data from Verizon Connect to determine the states with the safest and most dangerous drivers. Alabama places fourth on the most dangerous drivers list.

These truck drivers’ concerns need to be put into practice for all parties involved. All vehicle drivers should provide trucks the necessary space, go at the right speed to stay behind them or pass them and mind their surroundings and state of mind.

Endangering a truck driver means endangering their cargo, yourself and everybody on the road. Take necessary precautions to ensure all parties are safe.