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Woman dies in car accident

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Car Accidents

Summertime means weekend trips and lots of sunshine and fun. Unfortunately, this summer was cut short for an Alabama woman when she was the victim in a two-vehicle crash recently. Car accidents happen every day and while they do not always result in fatalities, this crash was the exception. Reportedly, the woman and her husband were on their way to a church retreat at the time of the car accident.

According to reports, the woman’s vehicle was traveling on U.S. 431 near the intersection of Highway 36 when the collision occurred near noon. Traveling in a smaller vehicle, a Honda Civic, the vehicle collided with a large truck, a Dodge Ram, that was pulling a boat. The driver, the woman’s husband, suffered broken bones but is expected to recover. Details as to how the vehicles collided is currently being investigated and has not yet been determined.

The woman was pulled from the vehicle and rushed to the hospital where doctors worked hard to save her life. According to sources, she had head trauma among other injuries, and later succumbed to her injuries there. While it may be unclear what exactly caused the vehicles to collide, it’s possible that the other vehicle lost control, especially since the driver was towing a trailer. The full investigation can reveal details the family will certainly be looking to know after losing their loved one so suddenly.

It must have been very traumatic for the husband to lose his wife in a car accident when they were both in the vehicle. It sounds like the crash was serious, so really he is lucky to have escaped with his life. However, I’m sure he doesn’t feel lucky right now, with the death of his wife on his mind. There will be much to recover from in this situation so if fault of another driver is part of the process, it would be good to explore that.