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Helping you in your pursuit of a wrongful death action

We don't often go about our day thinking about the risks and dangers we encounter or could come in contact with. Nonetheless, the reality is that these risks exist at our home, when we use consumer goods, when we enter buildings and when we travel in motor vehicles. The negligence and recklessness of others could be the cause of a serious and even fatal incident.

Take for example fatal accidents. A person could suddenly lose their life in a car crash, because of a defective product or due to medical malpractice. Our law firm is here to help guide the surviving family member on what rights they have and what steps they need to complete in order to recover legal recourses. At Gibbs & Sellers, P.C., our law firm is dedicated to helping individuals in the Demopolis area explore their rights and initiate a wrongful death action following the death of a loved one in a fatal incident.

Understanding fire risk in electric cars

We all know that gasoline is highly flammable. If your gasoline-powered car starts on fire, you need to evacuate quickly, because the flames are going to be big and grow fast. But what about with electric cars? Is there a similar risk of fire, and how does it differ from fire in other cars?

According to Tesla—one of the leading makers of electric cars—such vehicles are about 11 times less likely to catch fire than their gasoline-powered counterparts. However, just like cell phones, laptops and any other device containing a battery, fire is a possibility.

Wrongful deaths while trucking: what you can do after the tragedy

Trucking is one of Alabama’s true lifeblood industries. The hardworking men and women that are responsible for moving our freight are truly on the front lines of keeping American industry on its feet.

Trucking is a dangerous profession, though, and that is doubly true for logging truck drivers. Accidents happen, and the fallout is often tragic.


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