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Know the important steps to take after a car crash

There are many ways you can try to prevent a car crash. However, once a crash occurs, there are several actions you should take. Because crashes by nature are unexpected, it can be helpful to be prepared for the possibility of a crash by familiarizing yourself with these actions ahead of time.

Address safety concerns

What is included in nursing home abuse and help for victims

Abuse and neglect in a nursing home setting is a serious concern for families who have entrusted the care of their loved one to a nursing home or long-term care facility. The only way for residents and their families to protect themselves is to be familiar with what nursing home abuse is and the legal resources and protections available when a loved one has been harmed in a nursing home.

In general, nursing home abuse occurs when the resident of a nursing home facility suffers physical, emotional or psychological harm that is caused by negligent or intentional actions of caregivers. Examples of nursing home abuse can include physical abuse, including hitting and pushing the victim; mental or psychological abuse, including verbal abuse; neglect, including a failure to frequently check in on the resident or check their medical conditions, which includes bed sores; sexual abuse, including the use of the victim for sexual purposes and exploitation including manipulating the victim into providing money and favors.

Qualifying for disability benefits with compassionate allowances

This blog recently discussed eligibility for Social Security disability insurance or SSDI benefits. To better understand these benefits, it is helpful to be familiar with different ways disabled individuals may qualify. Disabled individuals may have heard that they can qualify for benefits based on a list of compassionate allowances and may have concerns about what that is.

SSDI claims are generally evaluated based on disability and work history. Disability evaluation is based on the disabled individual's medical condition and if it prevents them from working. In general, the disabled individual must suffer from a medical condition that is severe enough that it prevents them from working and is expected to last 12 months or longer or result in death to qualify for benefits. There are different ways that disabled individuals can demonstrate disability that they should be familiar with.

What is identity theft?

As online activity becomes increasingly common, fraud and theft can increase as well, unfortunately. Because of this, it is important to know how to stay safe online, which begins by understanding what identity theft is and what it refers to.

Identity theft refers to when a victim's personal information, including their social security number, credit card information, driver's license number and name, may be used to commit fraud such as making fraudulent purchases or opening up fraudulent accounts in the victim's name and using the victim's personal information. Information used in identity theft crimes can be illegally obtained in a variety of ways including through data hacks of large electronic databases such as those maintained by many companies.

Am I eligible for Social Security disability benefits?

Knowing if you are eligible for Social Security disability benefits is important for disabled individuals to be aware of. The process of applying for benefits can be challenging, while at the same time the benefits can be much needed so it helps to be familiar with the requirements to be eligible for Social Security disability benefits.

Eligibility for Social Security disability benefits is, of course, based on disability which is based on the applicant's medical condition. To qualify for disability benefits the disabled applicant must suffer from a disabling medical condition that is severe enough it prevents them from working. The medical condition must also be expected to last for 12 months or result in death. The Social Security Administration maintains a list of medical conditions but disabled individuals can also demonstrate that they suffer from one not on the list.

Legal protections for truck accident victims

Truck accidents can result in catastrophic injuries for victims including potential disability, disfigurement and physical and emotional scarring. Truck accidents can be traumatizing and cause serious injuries to truck accident victims largely because of the overwhelming size disparity of trucks compared to the other passenger vehicles they share the roadways with.

A typical, fully-loaded, commercial truck weighs 25 times as much as an average passenger vehicle which can pose extreme dangers for truck accident victims. During 2006, large truck accidents resulted in nearly 5,000 fatalities and 106,000 injuries. Victims of truck accidents can suffer a host of damages including medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. In addition, truck accident victims may need help with ongoing medical care and treatment and may suffer lost-earning capacity they also need help with.

Wrongful death legal protections help families

The wrongful death of a loved one in a car or other type of traumatic accident can be devastating for families of victims. Surviving family members may face both an emotional and financial toll associated with a fatal car accident.

When a loved one has been wrongfully killed by the negligence of another party, surviving family members may be left with financial needs and emotional trauma. A wrongful death claim for damages can help surviving family members receive compensation for medical and funeral expenses; the loss of support and services; the loss of companionship and other damages depending on the circumstances. It can also help hold a negligent driver accountable for the harm they have caused.

Workers' compensation protections for Alabama workers

Workers' compensation benefits stand at the ready as an important protection for injured workers in Alabama. Because of how important workers' compensation benefits can be to help get injured workers back on their feet and to help with their medical care and lost earnings, it is helpful for injured workers to fully understand these benefits and how to access them.

Workers' compensation benefits in Alabama can help injured workers pay for the cost of the medical care and treatment they need to recover from injuries suffered on the job. Workers' compensation benefits also help when an injured worker in Alabama misses out on wages because they are unable to work because of a workplace injury or workplace illness. Injured workers can receive workers' compensation benefits for temporary total disability; temporary partial disability; permanent partial disability; or permanent total disability depending on the circumstances.

Do you know Alabama law regarding pedestrians?

The number of pedestrians killed on Alabama roadways has jumped almost 50 percent between 2013 and 2017, statistics show.

While experts suspect a variety of causes – distracted driving, narrow streets, unregulated intersections, more SUVs with higher profiles, pedestrians paying attention to phones rather than traffic – the fact remains that more people are dying while walking along Alabama’s roads.

The appeal process for Social Security disability

Workers' compensation benefits are a vital resource for injured workers and their families to be familiar with. Workers' compensation benefits can provide badly-needed benefits to injured workers as they struggle to heal and recover following a workplace accident and injury. Harm suffered as the result of an occupational illness is also covered by workers' compensation benefits.

Workers' compensation benefits can provide assistance to injured workers and their families in the form of help with medical costs, expenses and bills associated with the medical treatment and care of their injuries; help with lost earnings from time spent away from work recovering from their injuries; and other benefits as well, including death benefits for dependents in circumstances of a fatal workplace accident.


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