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Reasons workers' compensation claims may be denied

Workers' compensation benefits can be critical to supporting an Alabama worker while they are recovering from a work-related injury. Every year thousands of people are injured while performing the duties of their jobs and performing services for their employers. But, when these often preventable accidents happen, workers can be left unable to earn their wages or support their families. Nonetheless, workers' compensation helps them stay financially healthy while their bodies are on the mend.

There are circumstances when injured workers may discover that their claims for workers' compensation have been denied, though. While every claim for workers' compensation should be fully understood by the victim and their family, this post will discuss some of the general reasons that these important claims are rejected. But, please understand that this post does not provide any legal advice to its readers.

Are medical errors still a growing concern?

Individuals in Alabama and elsewhere seek medical care because they trust the expertise that a medical professional offers. However, these professionals are human, and they are subject to human errors much like anyone else. While mistakes could occur because they are simply not preventable and minor, others are due to negligence and could have a major impact on the lives of those impacted by a medical error.

In 1999, a 300-page report titled "To Err is Human" was issued. This report highlighted the concerns for patient safety as it claimed that roughly 98,000 Americans die each year because of medical errors. While the medical industry responded with the promise of reform, it is clear that medical mistakes remain a growing concern 20 years later.

Helping you take action after falling victim to consumer fraud

Financial transactions are a major part in the lives of individuals in Alabama and elsewhere. Being a consumer is commonplace, whether it is at a store or on-line, and dealing with consumer debt is unfortunately also fairly common. Thus, those overwhelmed by consumer debt seek different avenues to address or eliminate their consumer debt. Because many want to avoid the bankruptcy process, some fall victim to debt elimination fraud.

At Gibbs & Sellers, P.C., our attorneys understand all too well the lengths scammers will go to scheme money away from individuals. A vulnerable individual, such as a person dealing with growing debt, is an easy target for these schemers. One can look like a legitimate business when in fact they are devised to target individuals to trick them out of money. However, even when a person falls victim to a debt elimination scheme, it is possible to take action to correct the wrongs one has suffered because of this form of fraud.

What is the workers' compensation filing process?

Most residents in Alabama and elsewhere maintain a full-time job in order to pay for life expenses. Thus, when an individual is unable to work, this can create major financial hardships. One reason for this inability to work could be a workplace accident. Suffering an injury in the work environment could result in a worker requiring medical treatment and time off of work to recover. In order to address the growing medical bills and lost wages suffered, an injured worker could seek workers' compensation benefits.

What is the workers' compensation filing process in Alabama? In order to obtain these benefits in the state of Alabama, an injured employee must meet four conditions. First, an employee must work for an employer whose business is covered by the law of the state. Next, the injury suffered by the employee must have resulted from an accident. This is defined as being unexpected or unforeseen.

Staying safe by gaining awareness of holiday driving hazards

With the holiday season in full swing, you may be preparing to head out on the open road and spend time visiting with family members and friends. As many others likely plan to do the same, you may encounter a significant increase in traffic congestion as you navigate Alabama roads during this season.

Before heading out for the holidays, you might find it helpful to understand the potential safety risks involved with this sudden increase in traffic patterns. With the chance that drivers nearby may have other things on their minds than your health, being prepared for every scenario could prove vital.

Securities Commission issues fraud advisory

While there are risks involved in investing, many investors enjoy that risk. If they take a chance on a certain investment, and the payout is significant, and the satisfaction can be even greater because the risk paid off.

Nonetheless, there are other risks associated with investing, and some of the most dangerous of these are associated with the conduct of others. When brokers misrepresent information or commit securities fraud, they induce investors into taking chances they should never have taken.

The common signs of securities fraud

We are constantly told the importance of making investments, as it could be crucial to the financial stability of one's future and the future of their loved ones. However, when one is not fully versed in the different types of investments, they may not be able to detect misconduct by a broker or any other professional in charge of these investments. Thus, many instances of securities fraud often go undetected until one is at a loss of their investment. When it comes to securities fraud, many do not know what to look for. This is why it often goes undetected. Thus, this post will explore the common signs associated with securities fraud.

To begin, there are some initial signs that often cause individuals to be unsure or confused about the matter. This includes his or her broker not returning calls or transactions on statements that do not make sense. This could be followed by more obvious signs, which includes unauthorized transactions on a statement, unidentifiable debits or credits on monthly account statements, a dramatic drop in the value of stock in a short period of time, losing money in an "up" market, most investments recommended by the broker are declining in value, or one's broker refers to market news as entertainment.

Helping victims take action after suffering harm in an accident

While the holiday season is a time of happiness and cheer, it is also a time of year where accidents are rather abundant. In Alabama and states across the nation, the roads experience more traffic because individuals and families travel for gatherings and parties. Public places are busier with residents shopping for gifts and partaking in festive activities. And consumer goods are purchased and gifted at a high rate, causing the chances to encounter a defective product to be much higher.

Suffering harm at the hands of a negligent party is a shocking event, and it could be an event that significantly alters the life of a victim. At Gibbs & Sellers, P.C., our attorneys are sensitive to the matter, understanding that many accident victims go through much pain and suffering when involved in an automobile accident, are involved in a slip-and-fall incident, or are harmed by a defective product.

Legal protections for victims of dangerous drugs

Unfortunately, dangerous drugs can cause serious harm to victims. As a result, there are important legal protections in place for victims of dangerous drugs. Because it is estimated that each year approximately 200,000 Americans die from adverse reactions to prescription drugs, as well as side effects associated with prescription drugs, it is important for victims to know what they can do when harmed by Dangerous drugs.

The reality is that victims can be injured or killed by dangerous drugs which is why they are legally protected. Personal injury protections can help injured victims with their physical, financial and emotional damages. Pharmaceutical drugs can be hastily approved and may cause harm to victims. There are many drugs that may be subject to litigation for having harmed victims which can help with the victim's medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages.

Logging truck accidents are happening more often

The Alabama logging industry not only supports the country's supply of wood, it also provides jobs to a lot of people in the area. But just because it has a lot of benefits does not mean that it is safe. If you have driven near a logging truck, then you know just how big and intimidating those vehicles are. Because of their size and weight, logging truck accidents can be severe, seriously injuring and even killing victims in smaller passenger vehicles.

You might think that as technology and vehicle safety improve, accidents involving logging trucks in Alabama will decrease. Unfortunately, that does not appear to be the case. In fact, a recent analysis determined that the occurrence fatal log truck accidents is actually going up.


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