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When to file a workers' compensation claim

Every year, thousands of workers across the country are injured while performing their job duties. For the majority of full-time employees in Alabama, their jobs are their livelihood. It's understandable that an injured employee would be worried when he or she suffers an injury and can no longer work. Workers' compensation was established, in part, so that injured employees can have an income and maintain medical coverage in these circumstances. So, when can an injured worker file a workers' compensation claim?

Basically, an employee can file a claim as soon as he or she suffers an injury on the job or develops a work-related illness. In fact, a delay in filing for workers' compensation benefits could potentially lead to a denial of the claim. A significant delay between the time an injury occurs until the time the injured worker files a claim can signal a red flag to workers' compensation insurance companies, resulting in a claim rejection.

Injured in an Alabama car accident? You may seek damages in court

You are on your way to obtain essential items for your household. However, all of a sudden, another car hits your motor vehicle, and you immediately feel pain.

Sadly, injury car accidents can easily occur when a motorist is careless behind the wheel. Fortunately, if you receive an injury as a result of a fellow driver's negligence, it is within your rights to seek compensation for your injuries in Alabama.

Woman says she suffered personal injury while visiting spouse

For business and property owners in the state of Alabama, the best ways to prevent accidents and injuries to visitors involve ensuring that property is maintained, and walkways are clear and free of hazards. Examples of hazardous conditions are things like poor lighting, wet or slick floors, and foreign objects left in walkways. Accidents can happen when least expected, but hazards like this are literally accidents waiting to happen. Property and business owners can be held liable when negligence and hazardous conditions cause personal injury.

In another state, a lawsuit was filed after a woman allegedly tripped and fell in a hospital while visiting her husband. According to the lawsuit, the woman was with her husband in his hospital room. As she walked across the room, she encountered a tangled cord that was sticking out from underneath his bed. Allegedly, the woman tripped over the cord and fell, suffering injuries.

Victims can take action when negligence causes personal injury

In the state of Alabama, stringent regulations and safety codes were established to protect those who visit public properties and establishments. These regulations say that publicly used facilities and structures must be adequately maintained and free of potential hazards. Unfortunately, some property owners will ignore these rules and regulations. Those who suffer personal injury as the result of negligence have the option to take legal action.

A man in another state filed a lawsuit against a landlord after he allegedly fell and suffered injuries. Apparently, the man was renting a home from the defendant and was walking toward the home when he encountered a step covered in moss. The man claimed that he lost his footing as he stepped on the moss and when he reached for the handrail, the rail bent and caused him to fall.

Consumer fraud: Tips to avoid identity theft during tax season

Identity theft occurs when a person's personal information, such as a Social Security number or full name, is used without permission to open accounts or make purchases. These days, identity theft is one of the most common types of consumer fraud in Alabama and across the country. Recent statistics say that about 33 percent of all adults in the United States have experienced identity theft of some kind. With tax season in full swing, the Internal Revenue Service and other officials are reminding citizens to be on the lookout for identity theft.

Reportedly, most tax-related identity theft happens when personal data is stolen and used to file a false tax return and collect the refund. Here are a few things the IRS says could signal that a taxpayer has had his or her identity stolen. Taxpayers receiving a letter from the IRS about a tax return that he or she did not file, receiving a notification that a taxpayer's account has been disabled or being unable to file a tax return due to a duplicate Social Security number.

The actions of others can contribute to personal injury

Most people are not aware that they are at risk for injury any time they venture out into public places. Public properties and establishments throughout the state of Alabama are considered to be safe and secure places to visit. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. In these public establishments and businesses, hazards and dangerous conditions such as wet floors are common causes of personal injury. However, the actions of other individuals can also also cause serious and significant harm.

A patron in another state alleged that he was injured by the actions of an employee, and he filed a lawsuit. The man said he visited a department store at night. According to the lawsuit, the man was unaware that the store was closed as he walked through the front door, which was unlocked. The man alleged that he was met by a store employee who demanded that he leave the store and escorted him back to the door.

Your options if seeking damages following injury crash

You have just been involved in a car accident, and you are emotional about it. At the same time, you feel frustrated, as the accident occurred due to another driver's carelessness. On top of this, you are in pain, and you are worried about the injuries you have suffered in the accident.

Unfortunately, sometimes, serious injury accidents stem from a person's negligence behind the wheel. Fortunately, if you are injured in this situation, you have the right to seek compensation for your accident injuries. Here is what you need to know about seeking damages following such an accident in Alabama.

Personal injury: Lawsuit filed after alleged fall in a restroom

Visiting stores, restaurants and other public establishments is a normal daily activity in the lives of most Alabama residents. The last thing a person expects is to be seriously injured while visiting these businesses. Wet walkways, poor lighting and objects left on floors are examples of common hazards that can inhibit the safety of the general public. Public places are required by law to be safe and free of hazards, but unfortunately, personal injury happens far too often in these places.

According to a lawsuit filed in another state, a man suffered serious injuries when he fell while visiting a restroom. The man said he was at a racetrack and went to use the restroom. Upon entering the restroom, the man claimed he encountered water on the floor that caused him to slip and fall.

Wet floors can cause person injury

Those who call Alabama home are privileged to have an abundance of stores and businesses that provide residents with many options when it comes to groceries, clothing or other needs. No person expects to suffer an injury while shopping in a favorite store. However, this is exactly what happens to thousands of people ever year. Poor lighting, objects left on floors and wet walkways are examples of potential hazards that can cause personal injury to customers. Victims can seek recourse when they are injured as the result of negligence.

In another state, a woman filed a lawsuit after she allegedly fell in a hospital and suffered injuries due to a wet floor. The woman said she was visiting her father, and as she was leaving her father's room, she encountered a liquid substance on the floor. According to the lawsuit, the woman slipped on the liquid and fell.

Business owner accused of workers' compensation fraud

There are certain events in life that can prevent employees in Alabama from being present at work. Things such as surgical procedures, major illnesses and serious injuries will undoubtedly require employees to need time away from work in order to recover. Fortunately, most full-time employees have workers' compensation insurance, which allows for paid time off and retention of benefits. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for employers to cut corners when it comes to workers' compensation.

In another state, the owner of a construction company was reportedly arrested for failing to pay workers' compensation premiums. Allegedly, the business owner evaded paying nearly $74,000 in premiums over the course of 10 months. According to federal investigators, payroll information was concealed so that the employer could avoid paying higher workers' compensation premiums.


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