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How am I protected by Alabama workers' compensation benefits?

Workers' compensation protections are vital for injured workers and their families to be familiar with. Alabama workers' compensation benefits can help injured workers and their families with the hard times ahead that they may experience following a workplace accident, injury or illness.

Injured workers in Alabama or those suffering from an occupational illness caused by their workplace have 2 years to make a claim for workers' compensation benefits. There are also limits on how long disabled individuals can receive workers' compensation benefits depending on the situation so injured workers should be familiar with how those rules impact their circumstances.

What injuries are most common after a car crash?

Driving is inherently risky. We all do our best to stay safe, but some things are out of our control: roadway conditions, the weather, mechanical malfunctions and even other drivers. At some point in our driving careers, most of us will be in an accident. In the U.S, there are over 7 million crashes yearly.

Tough we do everything we can to prevent being in an accident, if that day does come, it’s important to know what to expect.

Protections for motorcycle riders on the roads and beyond

As the weather warms and improves and more motorcyclists head out onto Alabama roads to enjoy the good weather, it is important to keep motorcycle safety and protections in mind. May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, which means there is not better time to review how drivers can help keep motorcycle riders safe on the roadways.

Motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable on the roadways and are 5 times more likely to be injured and 29 times more likely to be killed than those in passenger vehicles to be harmed in a motorcycle accident. Motorists should be vigilant about the safety of motorcyclists and take precautions to ensure motorcycle riders are kept safe on the roadways.

How to get Social Security disability benefits when needed

Social Security disability benefits are an essential resource for many disabled individuals who are caught struggling to care for themselves or their families while faced with a disability. Knowing how to seek benefits is important for these individuals and is something that they should be familiar with.

In general, qualifying for Social Security disability benefits depends on the disabled applicant's medical condition and work history. When a disabled individual is suffering from a medical condition severe enough that it prevents them from working, they may need help with their daily needs and may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. SSD benefits are available to disabled individuals who suffer from a medical condition that prevents them from engaging in substantial gainful activity.

What should I know when harmed by a defective medical device?

For victims who have been harmed by a defective medical device, it is important to be familiar with their legal protections but they may wonder what those are. Personal injury legal resources can help protect victims harmed by a defective medical device.

Personal injury legal protections may be available in circumstances of dangerous or defective medical devices; defective medical equipment; organ transplants; prosthetic devices; surgical implants; surgical equipment; hearing aids; visual aids; hospital supplies; and diagnostic equipment. Personal injury products liability resources can help victims of defective medical devices recover compensation for their physical, financial and emotional injuries.

Personal injury protections for soft tissue sufferers

Victims of car accidents can suffer a variety of injuries that can negatively impact them physically, financially or emotionally. Because driving is a commonplace and everyday occurrence, unfortunately, car accidents and car accident injuries are not uncommon and can have a lasting effect on victims and their families.

Soft tissue injuries include better known injuries such as whiplash injuries, as well as other types of soft tissue injuries including sprains, strains and contusions. Soft tissue injuries impact what are considered soft areas of the body such as ligaments, tendons and muscles. Sprains refer to when a ligament is damaged or a joint is overextended; strains include the overuse of a muscle or tendon; and contusions refer to bruising.

The different types of securities fraud

Securities fraud refers to a group of crimes that typically involve a false statement that is made about a company or value of the company's stock and others make financial decisions based on that false information. One example of securities fraud is insider trading when company insiders such as executives, board members or others trade stocks based on information unavailable to the public which is why it is helpful to be familiar with all of the different types of securities fraud, including insider trading.

Insider trading occurs when confidential information about the financial condition of a company informs decisions to buy or sell stock before any of that information is made available to the public. Securities fraud can also take place inside of a company and by the company itself. This can occur in instances when an officer or director of a corporation fails to accurately report the financial information and condition of the corporation to shareholders. Doing so can artificially inflate the worth of a company which may lead to investments being made into a company that's financial health is not accurately represented or understood.

When wrongful death legal protections can help

Wrongful death is an important type of legal protection for surviving family members of victims wrongfully killed by a negligent party such as a negligent driver. A wrongful death claim for damages can be brought on behalf of the lost loved one's estate for the benefit of surviving family members.

Wrongful death legal protections can include compensation for medical and funeral expenses; compensation for the loss of support and services; compensation for the loss of companionship; and compensation for the lost prospect of inheritance, among other types of damages as well depending on the situation and circumstances. Wrongful death damages are unique to the characteristics of the victim and the circumstances but can generally help with financial and emotional damages

What happens if a medical device is defective?

When a medical device is defective, it can cause significant harm to victims and their families, which is why they should be familiar with what happens and what they can do when they have been harmed by a medical device. The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for recalling defective medical devices.

Medical devices are divided into 3 different classes. The Food and Drug Administration issues a recall when it becomes aware that a medical device presents a danger to patient health. The steps that are taken include instances when the FDA recalls a defective medical device, working with the manufacturer of the device to ensure the defective medical device is taken off the market. There are different levels of response that the FDA may take concerning a defective medical device depending on the situation and circumstances and level of seriousness.

Know the important steps to take after a car crash

There are many ways you can try to prevent a car crash. However, once a crash occurs, there are several actions you should take. Because crashes by nature are unexpected, it can be helpful to be prepared for the possibility of a crash by familiarizing yourself with these actions ahead of time.

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