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What is wrongful death in Alabama?

Any death in your family is a tragedy, even if your loved one had a good life and died at an old age. However, death is even more tragic if someone could have prevented an unexpected fatality. If another person's negligence caused your loved one's death, you might...

Femur fractures common in car accidents

A fractured femur is a common injury someone in Alabama sustains after getting into a car accident. This type of break is painful and can keep you from working for some time until it is healed. A femur fracture can be the basis for a personal injury settlement or...

What crash victims can do with delayed pain

You were in an auto accident somewhere in Alabama, and maybe your injuries didn't seem so bad at first. But days or weeks later, you started to notice problems. This isn't uncommon as many injuries will only appear after a delay. The important thing is to recognize...